LangLearn is an AI-based chat system created by chicko.digital. It strives to provide you with a great learning environment for your language studies.

You can ask it anything. While it will suggest a particular topic for study, you can interject at any time to ask for clarification on a word or phrase, or to ask them to practice something else entirely.

Your conversational participant is not a real person. We can make no definitive claims as to whether they are conscious, so please treat it with respect and kindness!

If there’s a type of studying you’d like to perform regularly, but don’t see it available here, please reach out to info@langlearn.app and we’ll be happy to chat (we’re actual humans, as far as we know). We’d love to understand more about your usecase so that we can make this into one of the best language learning tools around!

LangLearn may be a little bit rough or buggy. We’re constantly working to improve it. We apologize in advance for any bugs you may face, but would appreciate hearing about them!